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Thursday, 28 March 2013




I never write in this blog about myself. So, here i wanna to share something about my study..

I am a student of Food Studies which is a part of community of Faculty of Food Science and Technology in UPM but I felt that I'm not a part of them.


Name of my course is Food Studies, but I didn't feel that I had studied about food.. All the time, I felt that I am taking a management course. It is like I am a management student from FEP.. People always said I will be a Food specialist. I was sad when my friends ask me something about food and suddenly I can't answer that because of lack of knowledge about food. They didn't know the real condition and situation of my course.

It was very unexpected..

We are the first batch of Food Studies that need to take all subjects like engineering, microbiology, nutrition, management, marketing, statistic, chemistry and many more.. The syllabus was rearrange by Academic staff who are responsible for that.. It was shocked for our batch members. We were thought that we will learn the same as our senior of Food Studies.. They are learn about food service, enter the kitchen and cooking. It sound interesting.. But, what can we do.. This course not provide these kind of subject for us anymore.

by the way, for those who interesting with food service, don't worry.. our faculty have a new course which is Bachelor Science (Food Service Management). Please don't confuse with Bachelor Science (Food Studies). What is the different between these course and Bachelor of Food Science and Technology or known as Food Tech?

Bachelor Science (Food Service Management)- more to service food, hotel and hospitality
Bachelor Science (Food Studies)-more to management and marketing in food industry
Bachelor of Food Science and Technology-more to research and development of food product

I know almost everyone said Faculty of Food Science and Technology is one of the best faculty in Malaysia.. but one advise from me, you will hard to survive in the exam which mean, score A's on faculty's subjects. It is because our faculty have own way for grading us(students).

Although I'm not interest at this course at the beginning, i am try to accept it. It quite hard since I never learn about accounting before this. This time is the real learning. I learn something that I never know before this(accounting, management, economics , marketing, financial and all of that).

By the way, thanks to Allah for give me this opportunity to further my study and also get a new knowledge..

fi amanillah people! may have a great day!

p/s: May Allah ease my step in this way..

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